Online Nutrition Degrees

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Careers for nutritionists and dietitians are some of the fastest growing in the United States.  With more and more people trying to stay fit and combat disease through healthy eating habits, dietitians and nutritionists are in higher demand by both individuals and companies.  This means more job security and flexibility and, of course, pretty good money.

The place to start for those who would like to work in the field of human nutrition is with a nutrition degree.  Most states require a Bachelors degree in order to obtain certification as a nutritionist, and a Masters degree in the field can put you ahead and give you specialized knowledge that will further your career.  Even starting out with an associate’s can help get you on the right path to your chosen career, whether it’s as a start to your education (continuing on to a four year school) or as a way to get started in the field (as a dietitian’s or nutritionist’s assistant).

Online nutrition degrees can be a great place to start on your path to a career in the field.  There are a number of accredited online colleges and universities with nutrition programs so that you can fit getting your education in with your busy schedule.  Online degree programs are also more affordable, easily accessible, and flexible than their on-campus counterparts.  So why wait?  Now is a great time to get started on the path to an online nutrition degree!

Online Nutrition Schools

There are a number of schools that offer online degrees in nutrition and dietetics.  Here are just a few and what they offer.

Ashford University
Ashford University’s College of Health Human Services, and Science has a number of programs for someone interested in the health and nutrition fields.  Their Bachelors programs range from Health Informatics and Health Education to Health and Wellness and Health and Human Services, and they offer a Masters program in Health Care Administration.  You can find out more information by requesting it from their website or doing a live chat with a member of their staff.

Grand Canyon University
At Grand Canyon University, students can pursue a Master of Public Health, several programs for Bachelors in Health Sciences, or Health Care Administration, if you’re more interested in the business aspects of health and nutrition.  GCU also has a campus in Phoenix, Arizona, and offers lots of evening classes both on campus and at satellite locations, so students in that area can take courses both online and on campus.

Kaplan University
Kaplan University offers four Associates, four Bachelors, and three Masters programs in the health and nutrition fields.  Whether you want to pursue an AAS in Medical Transcription, a BS in Nutrition Science, or a Master of Health Care Administration, they can all be found in Kaplan’s online degree programs.  Chat now with an advisor online to find out if this is the program for you.

Keiser University
Keiser University offers courses online as well as at their many campuses in Florida for the convenience of their students.  Their program in dietetics and nutrition combines classroom learning with hands-on experience to give their students a well-rounded education.  Students will learn about proper nutrition and how to prevent chronic illnesses in order to be a prepared nutritionist.