Careers in Nutrition

  • SumoMe

Careers in health and nutrition are growing at a very fast pace in the United States, faster than many others in today’s struggling job market.  As the country begins to turn away from fast food and towards organic foods, hydroponics, and healthier ways of living, more people are seeking for guidance to know what’s best for them.  Not only individuals, but also businesses are seeking for ways to help their employees be healthier and more productive.

Getting a degree in health and nutrition will provide you with all of the tools that you need to get a job in any number of related fields.  You could work in Day Care or Elder Care, in Health Education or Health Insurance.  You could also work in Rehabilitation, Disability Services, or Community Health Service.

As interest in health and nutrition rises, more and more job opportunities are cropping up outside of the traditional ones in health services.  Nutritionists can now work with advertising agencies in the promotion of healthier living campaigns.  They help prepare ads and pamphlets and check that the health advice is proper and correct.  They also work with large companies and small businesses to prepare literature for employees or customers.

Many Nutritionists consult on an individual level, helping people combat obesity and high blood pressure, manage diabetes, and reduce cholesterol.  They work for sports teams, health companies, and sometimes in supermarkets, food service, and for airlines.   Some also work in local and state governments helping with health and wellness plans.

There are increasing numbers of opportunities out there for those interested in a career in nutrition, and an increasing need for those who are trained and qualified for the jobs.  The outlook is good, so if you’re interested now is the time to begin pursuing a degree in health sciences to help get you on the right path.